On this page, you will find all the resources and references we used to create this list of HostGator Alternatives. These resources are listed in alphabetical order.
Endurance International Group or EIG for short is a giant company that owns multiple brands of web hosts. They own small and big companies alike so when you’re switching from one host to another you have to make sure you’re really jumping ship, not simply moving from one EIG brand to another.
HostGator, the focal point of this website called HostGator Alternatives. We listed HostGator as a reference because that’s where we got information about them, including hosting plans, prices, and more.
The Warrior Forum is a webmaster forum and there are numerous threads about HostGator on that site. You can see negative reviews from their customers and these customers switched to some of the hosts we listed on this website.
WebHostingTalk is the largest and most influential web hosting community. Their forums are full of information and verified customer reviews. You can check the main hosting forum and search for HostGator reviews.
We used some videos from YouTube to further illustrate our point that HostGator sucks and that you should get moving into a host listed here! web hosting reviews
Review Hell is a trustworthy web hosting review site that has reviews of many different web hosting companies. This website is unlike other review websites because the reviews published in here are verified testimonials from a real customer. Click here to read their HostGator review.

Endurance International Group – Wikipedia Entry
Endurance International Group is the parent company of HostGator. Their Wikipedia entry has a list of all the brands owned by them and this is useful in avoiding any web host that’s owned by them.